101 Reasons to not Change your Last Name

He’s your husband. You love him. After that whole getting married, devoting your life to each other thing, in our society it is assumed your last name will change. But…should it?

Nope. At least, not according to these extremely persuasive yet concise 101 points. Why do women change their last names, anyhow?

Points 1-99:

The colossal inconvenience and expense.

Enough said, I would imagine, but, if you have a persistent husband like mine, here are some hearty backup points:

  • There will be over 20 places to legally change your last name. You will inevitably forget something.
  • This will take time. Too much time. A whole lot of precious time. I would rather be running or exploring or, let’s face it, even sleeping.
  • $$ (Don’t get me started on obtaining a new passport.)
  • You will realize you should have changed your name on something (like a car title) at the most inconvenient moment and also will not have your marriage certificate on hand.
  • The bank.
  • Bureaucracy. Paper work. Waiting in lines and on the phones.
  • This is so old fashioned, anyhow. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see myself as belonging to my husband in a possession sense. I’m still my own human. Which leads me to my next point.

Point 100:

Identity and Professional Life

While traditions can be wonderfully meaningful, changing your last name isn’t practical anymore. Professionally, you build a reputation upon your name. You are recognizable. Why twist everyone’s brains and potentially lose future clients who no longer recognize your brand? Just change it on Facebook and call it good, or, even better, don’t.

Point 101:

Everyone who knows you personally will automatically begin referring to you with your spouse’s last name. So why go through the trouble of actually legally changing it? It’s like those people who have extraordinarily long first names who 100% of the time go by something else.

Disclaimer: I love my husband more than traveling around the world. Because changing names was so important to him, I did it and am still doing it and highly regret it. At least he has a pretty last name and is happy, while every time I think of my last name, Bassett Hounds and the to-do list of continuing to change it everywhere come to mind. What do you do?

Other disclaimer: I wanted an excuse to post some wedding photos because we were pretty one time.

Any opinions to share? Feel free to comment below!

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