The Journey Begins.

Guten Tag.

My name is Kelsey, and welcome to my internet space!

My goal: To re-experience or plan adventures and get you out experiencing the world, because, let’s face it, Netflix is overrated. Or, if you’re already an active, adventurous human like I am, this is more a space to share enthusiasm, relive amazing travels and offer advice. And, to be honest, I want to remember everything forever. Writing helps. Either way, hope you enjoy the shenanigans and grow inspired to explore more culture and nature on our crazy planet!

Volcanoes on Kamchatka, Russia.

Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo. — Al Gore

A Smidge About Me:

Although I was born in rural Illinois (think not even a traffic light and corn/soybeans trailing orderly into the sunset), I spent the majority of my pre-adult life between Germany and the U.S. When I wasn’t outside, half-wild, bare feet flying through fresh-mown grass or becoming a human snowball, I was ensconced in a book and imagining myself away. I loved learning about other places and their histories, other people and their ideologies–all passions that still bubble within me today.

My friends, family and students would say I’m the energizer bunny. Free spirit. Sunshine. Teacher. Explorer. A nut and a half. Or a mixture of all those. Really, I’m just a quirky, endlessly optimistic woman trying to change a small piece of the world for the better.

Instagram, for more travel photos! specialkmae_23

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